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What Is A Triplex Property in Indian Real Estate Market?

A triplex however is a single family unit consisting of  3 Levels,  with all bedrooms , bathrooms , living room, dining space, and  kitchen on the ground floor . It is connected with the basement which can have a hall for recreational spaces like gym and home theatre along with a toilet and pantry. Both these levels have a stilt level between them which has staircase and private lift space to access...

What Is A Duplex Property In Indian Real Estate Market?

In India a duplex property unit is  a house with living space divided into 2 floor . Typically one bedroom plus kitchen, one bathroom and living / dining room on lower level and balance bedrooms and bathrooms on upper level along with any storage / recreational spaces if any. Balconies can be on both levels . There could be terrace also if the upper level is the last floor of building. When the...

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