brijyot singh

Brijyot Singh Sawhney

Born and brought up in South Delhi, I know the area like the back of my hand. 

Educational Background : I am a qualified pharmacist and also hold a degree in computer applications. 

Professional Background : Entered the real estate market in the years 2009 and ever since then, have been helping people like you to buy or sell their properties.

Work Ethics : Honesty is of utmost priority to me in all my dealing whether it is with my clients or my associates brokers. 

Hobbies :  I am music lover, Western rock being my favorite genre. You can chekout my spotify play list here .  

Beside this I am a foodie and love to experiment with my taste buds. Only khana khana though , No Peena (I am a teetotaler)

Now that you know me a little more , I would love to hear from you about yourself and how I can help you. You can connect with me using whatsapp 

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